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Dress Code

Students are required to comply with the dress code guidelines as outlined in the C-ISD Student Code of Conduct and the Phoenix DAEP Student Handbook. In addition, Phoenix DAEP students will be required to wear a standardized dress consisting of the following:

  • Plain black collared shirt-short or long sleeves. No decorations or graphics.  
  • Plain blue jeans or khaki pants with a plain black, grey, brown, tan or white belt.    
  • No cargo pants are permitted .  
  • Students must wear regular dress or tennis shoes. Shoes can be white, black, brown, tan or grey.   No open-toe shoes. No shoes with heels. Slip-on shoes must cover the front and back of the foot.  
  • No jewelry is allowed. Jewelry brought into the building will be confiscated.  
  • Head coverings are not allowed in the building.  
  • Hoodies/jackets, and/or sweaters are not allowed and will be secured upon entrance of the DAEP   building and given back at the end of the day.  
  • Gym shorts, tights and/or sweats WILL NOT be permitted to be worn under the students’ pants. Extra clothing will be confiscated.  
  • All hair must be pulled up in a ponytail. Hair must be of a natural color and not be a color that is distracting (determined by administrator).  
  • Men must come to school clean and groomed.  
  • Make-up must not be distracting (determined by administrator).  
  • All tattoos must be covered prior to entering the building.

Confiscated items will be returned when a parent/guardian can come to the DAEP office to collect the item.   Students will be screened for DAEP dress code compliance prior to entrance of the building. Students in violation of the dress code will be considered as a discipline violation and sent home immediately to correct   any violations.    

Dress Code form